Product Portfolio

We are living in a world surrounded by plastic. Our daily life is not separable from plastic. Plastic has become one of the most important materials in today’s age.

EPE Foam Sheets are a special sound-proof, heat insulated cushion material. Its surface is smooth and has the functions of shock-proof, water resistance, antisepsis, non-toxic and with no peculiar smell. It is widely used in mattresses in large quantity, construction, food packaging, industrial and electrical packaging. It is a substitute for Coir.

We take pride in playing the role of a solution provider to clients in diverse industries. Our exhaustive product range and the ability to provide tailor made packaging solutions is an ideal combination for the customer. An extremely strong team of technical personnel, as well as facilities for design and fabrication enable us to meet every conceivable customer requirement. The finished products are supplied to our customers as per their required designs.