About Us

Laxmi EPE Foam Sheets is located in Andhra Pradesh with the Head Office in Secunderabad. Our manufacturing plant is located in Medak District with production capacity of 2000 M.T. The company is engaged in manufacturing closed cell non–cross linked Expanded Polyethylene Foam Sheets, Air Bubble Sheets and Protective Packaging Products in large scale.

Our products are manufactured with internationally-renowned technology and held to high-quality standards. We believe only in good quality and prompt service. We have a young and enthusiastic staff to offer excellent service to our valuable customers all over India.

We are backed by experienced and renowned leaders in the industry.


Mr. K. Laxman Rao, Managing Partner, is a dynamic entrepreneur in plastics and various marketing enterprises. He started his career in 1988 in a small way, and since he has continuously achieved new peaks in business.