Industry Applications

Our major customers are from various industries including mattress manufacturers, electrical and electronic industries and other durable goods manufacturers.

Mattresses & Packaging

EPE Foam Sheets are mainly used in mattresses. The product is a substitute for Coir.

They are also used as a substitute for Thermocol packaging in televisions, computers, refrigerators, washing machines, electronic equipment, glassware, ceramics, polyester yarn/film, handicrafts, printers, UPS, currency teller machines, diagnostic kits, surgical equipment and other fragile and delicate products. In electronic equipment, it is used as corner pads, buffers, encapsulation blocks, ribs, support pads, adhesive backed sheets and much more.


EPE rolls and insu-tubes are widely used for insulation of windows, split AC, air handling units and AC ducting, industrial chillers, cold storage, refrigerated vans, industrial refrigerators, cold water pipes and high altitude drinking water pipe insulation.


It is used for roof tops, engines, bonnets, driver cabin insulation, door panels, seat linings, floor mats, carpet underlays, upholstery, sun visors and AC insulation.


It is used for expansion joint fillers, water proofing of terraces/roofs, foundation wraps, sound barrier underlays, false ceilings and structural glazing.


It is used in wrestling, judo, gymnastics, taekwondo, jogging exercise mats, leg and thigh guards, arm/elbow/shoulder pads, helmets, sleeping bags, ski belts, life saving jackets and glove and costume insulation.


It is used in carpet underlays, shoes, foam floaters for effluent treatment plants and distilleries, luggage and leather bag linings, caps, jewellery boxes, leather jackets, floppy disk mailers and picnic and garden mats.