Air Bubble Sheets


We are premium suppliers and manufacturers of best quality laminated three layer Air Bubble Rolls and Sheets which are used for packaging of various products. These are available in a roll form in varying lengths, sizes, colours and prints and can also be customized as per the application requirements of the customers. We endeavour to offer quality products to suit the specific requirements of our clients.


• Primarily applied in pouch form to protect fragile goods against impact
• Protection against climatic hazards, moisture, dust
• Easy to Carry; Easy to dispense; Easy to Store; Easy to display
• Flexible and lightweight packaging; easy for packing and unpacking


1. Water Absorption – 0.02% after 24 hrs
2. Chemical Resistance – Excellent
3. Thermal Conductivity – Very Low
4. Service Temperature – 8 degree C + 60 degree C
5. Transparency – 90%


1. Tensile Elongation at break – More than 200%
2. Bursting Strength – More than 2500kg./cm cu
TECHNICAL Specification
Bubble Diameter – 10 mm
Bubble Density – 8150 Nos/Sq mt.
Maximum Width – 2.0 mt
Length Available – upto 100 mts.
Thickness – 250g / 280g / 320g / 350g / 400g / 450g / 500g / 520g / 560g / 600g

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